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From the 90 Industry leader

Vaia Snc was founded long ago in 1948 by Mr Severino Vaia

Vaia Srl

The born of success

Vaia Snc was founded long ago in 1948 by Mr Severino Vaia who, identifying the emerging need to mechanise
farming, began to build animal-drawn carts entirely in wood, subsequently extended his production to include slurry spreader tankers, they too entirely made from wood.
Around the 60’s innovations n the steel industry and the migration of the peasants from the countryside to industrialised cities encouraged the development of mechanisation in agriculture. With the arrival of metal sections especially, it became much easier to build bodies and wheel axles by mechanised means, increasingly able to make up for the lack of manual labour.

Solid and concrete goals

The working experience built-up over the years, the space available and the top quality machinery has enabled us to take over a good slice of the Italian market.

Continuous and innovative development

The further expansion of our Company coincided with the taking of the two sons, first Tiziano and later Fernando, who gave the production cycle a new lease of life and embarked on the process of modernisation of the firm, in step with the times.
In 1980 the new industrial buildings were built, providing an indoor area of 2,600 m2, equipped with overhead crane for moving materials and introducing numerically controlled machine tools (presses, shearing machines, lathes).
Between 1990 and 1994 the indoor area was further expanded by another 3,200 m2 and other machine tools introduced: a work centre and plasma cutting, completing the qualitative leap of the Company.From a commercial point of view, up until the ‘90s over 90% of our production was destined for the European Community.

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